Template for Tracking the Job Search Process

If you’ve ever managed the process of searching, applying, interviewing, accepting, or being left in the dust with a bunch of applications that go nowhere, you probably wonder what you can do to simplify.

At one point, when I was actively searching for jobs, and I realized I was creating, saving, submitting, and storing tons of resumes, cover letters, and portfolio items, along with all the contact information, interview dates, and more, I created a template. This template helps you collect a variety of information related to a job search during a specific time frame, including:

  • job titles, companies
  • recruiter/account manager names
  • interview details
  • materials sent
  • compensation details

You can find and download this template at TechWhirl, a leading site for content developers. You an even take the content and put it into an Excel spreadsheet, Trello board, or other optimal tool. Feel free to modify to capture the categories and details that matter most to you, but DO NOT rebrand or redistribute the template as your own original material.

Remember, an average recruiter spends about six seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether it goes on to someone with hiring power or into the toss pile. An organized, consistent process for managing the job application process helps you avoid errors in your resume, and focus the information in your cover letter by tracking the versions you’re sending. And you can manage your follow-up activities so you don’t miss any opportunities to keep yourself in front of the hiring manager.

Let us know what else you think we should add!

Job Search Tracker Template