About CareerManager

CareerManager Blog is the first product of Central Scribe, Inc., which is a privately held company headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. The CareerManager team strives to help people create, collect, organize and publish flawless career materials and advance in their career. We publish original articles and templates focusing on job search and career advancement.

Our careers span a variety of industries, professions, job titles, continents, and contract terms. Our original articles and templates provide best practices for creating resumes, continuing to learn while on the job, and managing various aspects of your career. We read about trends related to the job market, resume design and submission, interview tips, and more, so we’ll share links to what we find valuable.

With so many articles out there about resumes, interviews, work-life balance, and in-house company trends, there’s a lot of noise and conflicting information. We want to help quiet the noise and help you focus on the good stuff…so we all can do this job search thing better together.

For now, you’ll find 2 main categories, Job Search and Career Management. Within these areas, you’ll also find free templates that you can download and customize for your own unique brand. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, even suggest a topic for us to research and write about.

Meet the Team

Al Martine – Chief Executive Officer

Brent Wilburn – Chief Technology Officer

Connie Giordano – Director of Customer Service

Jill Martine – Director of Communication (you’ll hear from me the most on the blog!)