Cover Letter Template Free Download – Contact Information in Colored Block

cover letter templatePurpose

Your cover letter should put in paragraph, narrative form what your resume says in bullet points. It tells your career story and helps you get past initial candidate to interview to (hopefully) offer.

Download this template to create a cover letter (also known as a job application letter). Its style (formatting and layout) matches a resume template we created, which can download and customize, too. If you’re looking to create a consistent brand, match the style of your resume to your letter. It’s kind of like having your own professional stationery.


The matching resume template starts with a paragraph to incorporate your most persuasive summary, so you should include the highlight reel of your accomplishments, skills, and recognition. When you get to the cover letter, you can harness what you’ve already written on the resume to continue the persuasive career narrative.

Focus your statements on how you can use the unique skills and perspectives you’ve developed to contribute to the company’s bottom line. You might be able to improve the customer experience (and this is the business hotness right now), or increase productivity, or reduce the time it takes to complete a task, or increase revenue.

Essential Information

Along with your persuasive work statements, you also need to include your contact information, and if you know who the recruiter/hiring manager is, include his or her name. If it doesn’t say in the job ad, see if you can find out by calling or emailing. It’s always best to personalize when you can. If you are submitting your resume at the same time, make a note on the letter to tell them that you’re submitting more materials.

Download the template here!


And you can also pick up the matching resume template.