Job Interview Preparation Worksheet – Practice and Track Your Job Interview Progress

If you feel overwhelmed when you prepare for job interviews, our worksheet can help. Although you can’t know everything the interviewer will ask, you can organize your questions and practice your responses to make the process more approachable.

There are three sections in the worksheet, but you can add more categories and details to fit your job interview needs. First, you can list questions you’ve been asked before, and do a web search to see common questions for your industry and role. You can list responses and practice them to fine-tune.

Second, think about some people you could ask to conduct practice interviews, and capture the interview approach. Will you talk in person, on the phone, via Skype? Also list notes and advice you gather throughout the practice sessions.

Third, track your actual interviews. List the dates, names of the interviewer(s) and their departments/job titles, and the company name and job title you interview for.

job interview worksheets help you plan for a successful interview