Resume Template Free Download – Combination Format

image of combination resume formatOften, the combination resume format and the functional resume format are suggested for people who either have significant gaps they’d prefer not to explain during the interview process or for people transitioning from one career to another. Significant gaps happen for many reasons, including starting a family. And people in a transition between careers have many valuable qualifications, but might not be able to show direct experience in the field in which they’re applying.

These are good situations for using one of those formats instead of the traditional reverse chronological format, and another is when you are an experienced professional who knows that, rather than including 20 years of experience spanning several pages in a resume, you can just highlight the most relevant work experience.

This template layout and design are similar to the traditional format, so it’s easy to understand and work with. Use it as a starting point to create a summary of qualifications that highlights your most relevant and persuasive accomplishments. Then select an appropriate heading to lead into a list of positions that focus on your skills and experience without emphasizing start and end dates.

A best practice to follow is to include around three areas of skills or related work experience as your focus. If you have too few, it doesn’t make sense to call out specific areas of accomplishments. It’d look like you just didn’t have much of value to talk about. Too many areas make it hard to figure out what your best assets truly are, and it could just take up a lot of space without honing in on the most important details.

Download the resume template:

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