Resignation Letter Template Free Download

Resignation Letter Template Free DownloadWhen you create a resignation letter, it’s not the time to worry about writing a lengthy novel explaining your decision to leave. You also don’t need to stress over the design choices in your letterhead. To keep it simple, we’re sharing a resignation letter template that you can download for free and use as a starting point when you resign from your own job.

When you exit a role, your resignation letter is an important document to submit. It’s the professional thing to do because but it shows respect for the company and people you’ve spent your time working with. It also helps you avoid burning any bridges…of course, that doesn’t mean people will happily accept your resignation; just that you’ve done your best to leave your best impression.

You may think your exit means you never have to see these folks again, but think twice. Just because you don’t work together doesn’t mean you don’t run in the same industry circles. You could wind up together on the same panel at a conference. Your name could come up for another company’s role while your former boss is out to lunch with your potential boss (that whole six degrees of separation is especially true in small industries, markets or cities). It’s always best to leave the best impression you can.

Introductory paragraph

In the first paragraph, tell the recipient that this letter represents your official resignation, and include your last planned date of employment. If you had an in-person conversation, also include that date.

Body Paragraph(s)

In the second paragraph, you can add brief statements about your appreciation of the role and opportunity to learn. If you feel it will add value, you can include positive details about what you learned from mentors, managers, or projects. But this isn’t imperative. What you don’t want to do is go into a long diatribe about how much you hated the job, how no one ever showed you respect, or your grievance for a colleague getting your promotion.

Closing Paragraph

In the last paragraph, wrap up the letter with any exit strategy/transition details you created, and lead into a sincere closing salutation.

This template is free to download, and you can customize not only the text, but any design elements. Happy Quitting! 🙂

– Jill

This template is free to download and customize for your own use. However, DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR REBRAND AS YOUR OWN ORIGINAL DESIGN for posting to online sources or for business profit.