Professional Profile Template Free Download

professional summary templateI was recently asked to send a writer profile to an organization so that they could send it over to a potential client to showcase some of my skills. The example document sent by the client was part-resume, part quick-hit highlight, so I needed to create something a little different than a traditional resume. And I had to do it quickly because time is always of the essence when you’re trying to win contract work.

I grabbed an old resume format I liked and simplified it to cover just some highlights of my career overall, and then list some of my top clients from contracting work and experience from my best full-time role. You can download this template and change to fit any kind of profile you’re needing to create. I’d recommend having a profile set up like this for any type of work you go for. With a profile template or a few already set up, it’s easy to update quickly when someone asks you to highlight a focus area of skills, instead of always having to start from scratch.

There are many ways to customize this format based on what any potential client requests for you to highlight about yourself. As always, if you have any questions on how to approach a professional profile, resume, or anything else career-related, send us a note here or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.