Resume Template Free Download – Traditional Format

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Resume Template

Why start from scratch when you can download a resume template and customize it? This particular template is pretty traditional, and will be well-received in any industry.

Contact Information and Social Media Profiles

At the top, you add your name and contact information. If you’d like to also share your social media handles, I’d recommend putting the icons up in the header. You can have them link directly to the profiles for online resume submissions so they can easily just click and take a look. But you can also include the full URL since many folks still like to print resumes out. It’s also a good idea to carry your name to all pages in the resume in case someone does print it out and the pages get separated. The footer is a good place for your name to make sure it’s on every page, and that’s how this template is currently designed.

Professional Summary

In this resume template, the professional summary is the first item the recruiter will see, and it’s laid out in standard paragraph form. If you’re an experienced professional, this section is a good way to highlight your most important accomplishments and provide the overall picture of your skills.

Core Skills

If you want to highlight specific software skills or process methodologies, you can use the core skills section. You could also modify the heading and highlight core industries you’ve worked in or something similar.

Work Experience

The work experience section is next, but if you’re a recent graduate or you’re switching careers, you might decide to move the education section ahead of work experience.

Other Contributions

This template includes a table with three columns to take up less space, but to also allow you to add various other accomplishments and activities, such as publications you’ve written for, volunteer or professional organizations you represent.


This template is free to download and customize for your own use. However, DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR REBRAND AS YOUR OWN ORIGINAL DESIGN for posting to online sources or for business profit.