Cover Letter Template Free Download – Traditional Format

traditional cover letter

We know it feels daunting to not only submit numerous resumes every time you’re in the career market, but to also have to tailor cover letters and submit them for each role. However, don’t assume that recruiters don’t want you to submit the cover letter or that they won’t read it. J.T. O’Donnell from Work It Daily, a career coach for over 15 years and a frequent LinkedIn contributor, says you need the cover letter to connect emotionally and personally with their brand. So whether you tell a story about using their products or services, or you share how your accomplishments show a connection to their mission and values, personalization and a knack for showing you know about the company are key.


  • Show a personal connection or an overall understanding of the brand
  • Use the same layout, format, fonts, and colors as your resume to keep your brand consistent
  • Tie the cover letter to those logistics elements, including the job title, hiring manager, and requisition number when you know them
  • Provide clear sentences that incorporate your accomplishments and skills in a way that ties to the company’s values and brand


  • Focus too much on what you want them to provide to you – you’re selling your product to them, and they need to know what’s in it for them if they hire you
  • Add too many design elements to make it flashy or veer away from the brand you established with your resume
  • Forget to include details that show the job you’re applying for
  • List every single thing you’ve accomplished or sound too much like you’re just congratulating yourself on your successes for three paragraphs!


Download the cover letter template

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