Cover Letter Template Free Download – Teal Heading Right Aligned + Social Icons

teal cover letter template

Purpose of the cover letter template

You can download this cover letter template and use it with our matching resume template to build the story that supports your unique experience. This story helps employers identify what makes you special and deserving of an interview, and gives you good talking points to refer back to when you’re in the interview.

Traditional design plus social profile icons

Along with the resume template, the letter format is traditional and recognizable, so it helps you cover all the bases the recruiters expect. But it also includes social profile icons in the footer (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) in case you’ve developed those profiles well into additional job marketing tools. You can delete these from the footer if you’re not interested in making the social profiles as easily recognizable to potential employers (of course, they can still search and find on their own). But you can encourage them to “check you out” further if you have work samples, portfolios, blog posts, or other persuasive material you can show off.

Objectives to match the job ad

In the cover letter, you don’t list objectives in bullet points. However, your paragraphs can tie your experience and skills to match what the employer is asking for. These should be framed into what you can do to contribute to the company’s bottom line (not what you personally hope to do for your career when they give you the job).

Close with your next steps

Do you feel pushy by letting the company know you’re going to call a representative on a certain date to check on the status of your application and potential for interview? It’s just good business practice to show interest and commitment to following up. You can do this by simply thanking them and saying you’ll plan to follow up if you haven’t heard anything. Don’t be irritating and start hounding them the very next day. But if a week has passed after submitting all materials, go ahead and see what you can find out.

Download the cover letter template

US Letter


And while you’re at it, grab the matching resume template, too!

This template is free to download and customize for your own use. However, DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR REBRAND AS YOUR OWN ORIGINAL DESIGN for posting to online sources or for business profit.