Cover Letter Free Template Download – Entry-level Focus + Blue Underline

Template with Title Underline

This template is part of a set that includes a resume template we published. It’s one of our templates that, in its current design, is best suited for entry-level job seekers. With the straightforward design and sections for objectives, internships, and volunteer experience, it’s tailor-made for emphasizing the skills and experience you’ve already developed.

The cover letter should further introduce your unique experience and skills so that you stand out from the crowd. You might feel like this is impossible when there are so many applicants and the first few jobs can be so hard to get. So make sure you really read and understand the keyword language and expectations in the job ad, and reach out to the recruiter to find out more if you can.

Introduce Your Experience

In your first paragraph, mention how you heard about or found the available position. Include a requisition number if you found it online, or the name of the person who referred you to the job. You also need to list the job title and other key information that you know (department name, manager or team information, and company name).

Most importantly, include a brief synopsis of why you believe you’re qualified to fill the role, in terms of how it will benefit the organization to which you are applying. These details can reference on-the-job experience, education, promotions, and more. If you’re an entry-level professional, you may map this area to your professional internships, volunteer or school positions, and development toward your career aspirations that fill a need for the employer.

Show Off Your Skills, Experience, and Education

In the next paragraph or two, connect your unique accomplishments, awards, promotions, insights to the role and the expectations as indicated in the job ad. Highlight specific measurable results if you can. Again, these details could come from your internship experiences, and include project details that you contributed to. The details, rather than just generic statements about being a good fit or business jargon quotes, make you stand out among the numerous competitors applying for most jobs.

Wrap up with Next Steps

Show your enthusiasm and interest in an interview, and make it easy for the employer to know how to reach you. But in addition to asking for their action, include your own action statement. For example, as a follow up to submitting your resume and cover letter, will you call or email the account manager or recruiter to continue to show your interest and ability to follow through? If so, let them know when you’ll reach out.

If you’re submitting the letter with other job material, such as the resume, make a note at the bottom indicating there are enclosures (or attachments if applying online).

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Download the Cover Letter Template

This template is free to download and customize for your own use. However, DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR REBRAND AS YOUR OWN ORIGINAL DESIGN for posting to online sources or for business profit.